Black Lotus Epoxy Resin - 2 Gallon Set

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- Two Gallon Set: 1 Gallon Part A and 1 Gallon Part B.

- Includes 2oz of Loc'd + Loaded Epoxy Buster Hand Scrub while supplies last.

- Two part epoxy coating designed for Bar Tops, Table Tops, Tumblers and more.

- High gloss, glass-like finish

- Easy 1:1 application ratio by volume. Graduated measuring cups are the preferred style of mixing cups to use.

- Add Black Lotus Epoxy Pastes, Pigments and Mica Powders for your custom designs

- Apply up to 1/4 inch per coat

- UV resistance

-FDA Compliant 

-MADE IN USA, therefore, adheres to the strictest standards and certifications. 


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be worn when handling any Epoxy Resin.  Protecting your skin and eyes are very important. Epoxy may cause severe skin irritation and also sensitization to the skin and eyes. You should also not breath the dust or mist.  We have the MSDS sheets on file, should you need it, please call us until we can upload it to our website.